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Why should I respond to the survey invitation?

by on ‎11-12-2010 09:59 AM

I am sure that we can all describe different experiences or reasons why we may not be very excited to share details of our recent vendor interaction.  I know that in some cases, organizations over burden customers with requests for feedback or many situations exist where that feedback is not always acknowledged.  We are sensitive to those concerns and SalesLogix Customer Support strives to maximize each opportunity to improve by responding to each survey received and use the feedback to effect positive change in our support processes.  Customer Support acknowledges the feedback received and where appropriate, pursues positive change through process review, sharing feedback with relative teams and promotes product related enhancements.  Probably the most important action is our interaction with you, as a result of the survey received.  We work to keep you informed and actively involved in developing positive change or reinforcement of successful processes.  In some cases, we accomplish this through regular exchange of email or follow-up phone calls.  Our goal is to create a pleasant, effective and engaging support experience.  To do this, your continued feedback is an important and a very essential ingredient.


While my colleagues have shared details of the SalesLogix Event Driven Survey in the links provided, I want to encourage you to continue responding to the survey requests.  We will accept both the praise and constructive criticisms, as they will help us improve or enhance the customer support experience.

Does anyone even read survey responses?

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