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Why should I deploy the New Sage SalesLogix Mobile? #SageSummit

by Employee on ‎04-15-2011 09:36 AM

It’s no secret that Mobile CRM solutions offer tremendous value to mobile field forces such as sales, service and technicians, allowing them to stay connected to vital customer information, no matter when or where they are.


We would like to share with you some criteria we felt were important in creation of the New Sage SalesLogix Mobile and why you should consider deploying  Sage SalesLogix Mobile as soon as possible.


Low TCO - I can satisfy the ever growing population in my company requesting access to the latest smartphones devices with minimal effort 

  • Available at no additional charge with Sage SalesLogix v7.5.3 and higher.
  • Deploy, manage, and customize centrally within Sage SalesLogix administration environment -
  • Fast Deployment – Single URL


  • Discoverability - self-explanatory icons, clear action buttons, list icons decoration (for example Opportunity - Open, Won, Lost)
  • Minimizing clicks – introducing Quick actions, Search, Related Items
  • Look and Feel of a native mobile application 
  • Simplicity - Maintain the consistency of the application interface and wording, make it simple and intuitive for use


  • Online and Offline access – I can easily get to my data about my customers while on the road
  • HTML5 cache manifest for offline access – I can keep relevant data local to the device for access while disconnected from the network.


  • Browser-based application running JavaScript locally.
  • SalesLogix SData host returns the data in JSON format, which is 50%-60% smaller than a standard Atom/XML web service payload


  • Cross platform, Device Independent (available on iPhone® 3.x and higher, iPad®, Android™ v2.1 and higher, and BlackBerry Torch™ 6.0 and more...)
  • Open-sourced
  • Customizable
  • Leverage RESTful web services - SData™ - fresh, up to the minute user experience and real time access to the data

Personalization - I can clear the clutter of typical one-size-fits-all interfaces by selecting only the tasks and data I want to use 

  • Visibility and Order of entities can be configured
  • Planned – Personalize home screen, personalize search criteria, etc.

CRM Functionality – user experiences designed specifically for mobile sales productivity

  • Account, Contacts, Leads, Tickets, Opportunities, Notes, History, Activities, Products
  • user-centric Notes/History
  • Calendar of Activities
  • View, Create, Edit on all entities
To learn more on the New Sage SalesLogix Mobile, register to Sage Summit and attend "Sage SalesLogix Mobile: The Anywhere Workforce" session.

Vardit Jonasz
Product Manager, Sage SalesLogix

Sage CRM Solutions


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