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Why email an analyst when you can add notes and attachments to your Sage #SalesLogix case online?

by on ‎04-20-2012 09:43 AM

Before March 2012: You what to check the current status of a support case. You log into Sage Software Online, find the case and review the notes. You have an urge to add a comment and a screen print to the case right then and there - while you're looking at it. But you can't. The case is read-only, so you choose between emailing the analyst or calling in.


Now: You want to check the status of a support case. You log into the new Sage Customer Portal and select Cases>Case History from the menu bar. You find the case and click a link to display details. You read the notes and have an urge to add a comment and screen print. You click the Update button, enter your comment in the Additional Info field and add an attachment. You click Submit and an update confirmation displays showing your case status as "Updated by Customer".


And what happens next? The "employee responsible", AKA the assigned support analyst, receives an email alert that the case has been updated. Also, we have staff assigned to monitor web case activity throughout the day. Cases with "Updated by Customer" status are reviewed and follow up assigned based on a number of factors, such as issue severity, follow-up commitments made by Sage and availability of the right resource.


Why update the case online instead of emailing send comments and attachments directly to the analyst?


  • Whether the assigned analyst is available or not, someone will see the update - possibly sooner than the assigned person does. For example, you can update a case after hours and someone here will review it shortly after business hours start the next day, even before the assigned analyst's shift starts..
  • Your update is stored in the case, so you don't have to archive and organize your sent email
  • You know for certain that your comments and attachments are in your case immediately

Not sure if you want to give up email communication with us? You don't have to, but I encourage you to give online case updates a try. Post comments about your experience here or send me an email at I'll do what I can to act on your feedback right away.

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