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Why do we do Beta Testing?

by on ‎10-14-2009 09:04 AM - last edited on ‎10-19-2009 08:50 AM by Administrator Administrator

When asked to write a blog for the Sage SalesLogix Journal I was excited and felt honored to do so.  Over the past few years I have on and off (mostly on) worn the hat of “Beta Manager” here at Sage SalesLogix.  During that time I was asked many times by folks of various technical levels worldwide “Why do a beta release?”

I thought I would take this opportunity to address that question.  We here at the product development team  work hard to uncover and fix as many defects as possible during the development and system testing cycles.  The product management and design teams continually evaluate the features and functionality being added to or changed in the product and recommend improvements.   These teams strive to present the highest quality product possible in a timeframe to meet the demands of the market place.

The reality is we cannot test for every conceivable way a user interacts with our product or take into consideration every business process that our customers employ.  We need our Business Partners and select customers be the “test pilots” for our product in order to put it through the “real world” paces of today’s business environment.

Will things break in beta, will there be defects uncovered, will there be suggestions for improvements?  Yes; we hope so, we can’t fix it or improve it if we don’t know about.  Our goal is to have partners and customers use all features in the SalesLogix product, to insure this happens we track the hours spent by Business Partners and Customers testing each of these areas.

A key benefit of beta programs is that it provides an opportunity for you the Business Partners and Customer to directly suggest feature improvements via the SalesLogix Community, this is a direct line of communication to the product management and development teams.  As a customer with a valid maintenance agreement I would like to be sure you know that if you opt to evaluate a Release Candidate of any SalesLogix release you will receive priority support; and all Release Candidate versions are upgradable to the final released product or Gold.

Your participation in the SalesLogix Beta programs can benefit not only us here at Sage, it also provides you with a preview of exciting new features and functionality plus an opportunity to report issues and suggest feature changes directly to the teams that can take action on your feedback.  This is not to say that we will be able to include every feature request in the version being tested; that is simply not possible. But every issue and request received will be logged and evaluated by the SalesLogix team to be included in the version being tested or a future version.

If you are interested in participating in the SalesLogix Beta programs and are a Business Partner contact me directly ( and if you are a customer contact your Business Partner for details.

Thanks to all of you Business Partners and Customer that continue to support the SalesLogix Beta/RC Programs.

Glenn Garrison
Program Manager
Sage CRM Solutions


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