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Where do #Sage #SalesLogix knowledgebase articles come from?

by Employee ‎09-07-2011 11:34 AM - edited ‎09-07-2011 11:49 AM

Have you ever been curious as to how the #Sage #SalesLogix Knowledgebase gets populated with content?


We probably do not take the opportunity to think about how content gets there, but we definitely can identify when content is lacking or difficult to locate within the knowledgebase. The population of content comes from three primary sources, which include support contacts, customer feedback, and product development.


The majority of our Knowledgebase content is created from our Support contact with customers and business partners. The current process involves our analysts using their case documentation to draft content and submit it for review before it is published. This is why sometimes our analysts have access to additional content that you cannot see in the portal. We want to ensure that our content is accurate and is presented in a consistent structure. Within the next couple months we will be introducing a new publishing process that aligns with an industry standard called Knowledge Centered Support (KCS). This will empower and equip our analyst with the ability to publish content almost immediately after a solution is confirmed and documented. Albeit, that for the most part, you as customers will not realize this change as you cannot see content it is published regardless of the process timeline. Just the same, we want customers to realize that it is our goal to improve and increase our self-service offering as much as we can, with the tools that we have available.


One of the other two sources of content derives from customers providing feedback as to an experience, or a desire for particular content. You have the ability to contribute by using the "Submit an Article" option in SupportOnline. The other source of content comes from internal sources, such as development or quality assurance (QA), that identify a lack of support or documentation in a given product area. Often this source of content is available when a new product release is available to customers to assist them with the new experience.

Or you might be curious "Why is the content creation process important to me?"


Sometimes understanding the process behind the scenes provides a deeper understanding of how each person can participate in continual improvement. For instance, you can submit an article, but they can also provide feedback as to how to improve an article. You can click "Give Feedback" in the search results next to the appropriate article, or if you are speaking with an Analyst, you can deliver this feedback directly to the analyst. Additionally, understanding the role of the Analyst provides you with a better understanding of why they are asking certain questions, or why they are requesting resolution steps from you. We view your contribution as a valuable piece in delivering accurate content, so that it can be used to resolve other challenges quickly and more efficiently in the future.


Matthew Campbell
Knowledge Management Lead, Sage SalesLogix
Sage CRM Solutions

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