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What’s in a Certification?

by on ‎10-22-2010 10:57 AM

What’s in a Certification?


When you take your car to the dealership for repairs or maintenance, they proudly display the fact that their technicians are “Certified.”  That should give you a sense of trust, since the technician who works on your car has had proper, formal training and has demonstrated he or she can put that training to good work.


Implementing, or working on SalesLogix is not all that different than working on today’s modern cars.  It can be very complex, and you should be able to trust that the person performing the software implementation, maintenance, and/or customizations, has had training to do that work.  For that reason, Sage has SalesLogix Certification programs for all our Business Partners for each component of the SalesLogix applications, from the Core LAN and Web products, to the specialty items such as Mobile and Visual Analyzer.


A SalesLogix Business Partner who holds a current certification has gone through training and has passed an exam proving they are qualified to perform the work they set out to do.  Additionally, Certified Business Partners have the backing of Sage technical support, so if they do need assistance they’re entitled to contact Sage SalesLogix Analysts for help.


Is your Business Partner “Certified?” 

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