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by Moderator Moderator on ‎06-06-2014 03:19 PM

No, we aren’t working with the NSA, but great ideas have been coming through Idealogix and we are excited to work them into Saleslogix. The highest of the top-rated ideas, “Add Real, Robust and Complete Integration With Outlook,” is coming to fruition with the announcement of Saleslogix Xbar. We also addressed one of the other top ideas last month with Saleslogix Sync with Gmail. And new icons for Saleslogix 8.1 are also in the works.


With almost 400 ideas submitted that haven’t already been delivered, there is a lot we can do to improve your experience. We’ll be working on grooming this list as some are outdated, duplicated or already implemented but we could use your help! We are paying very close attention to new ideas and ideas with the most kudos (votes). If you like an idea, give it kudo/vote!


Plus, if there is a good fit for the idea, we can reach out and include you in our conversations. For instance, last month, there were a few ideas that could all be solved by a single feature we are working on. To ensure we had the right solution, we walked the stories with the customers and business partners. That helped us scope out the feature for more flexibility to ultimately help you be more effective.


For the best experience, here are steps to get started.


  1. Read our submission guidelines
  2. Search for your idea. If you don't see it, submit a new one! 
  3. Provide feedback on the ideas of others by voting with kudos and adding comments.
  4. Track your ideas and those you like. Once you've posted or kudoed an idea, subscribe to be notified via email of the latest updates to the idea. From within the idea, click "Idea Options" which appears above the idea title and choose, "Subscribe to this idea".

If you’d like to be notified of all new ideas in Idealogix, simply select “Options” in the upper left of the Idealogix forum and select “Subscribe.”



As Product Managers, we take pride in steering our products in the best direction and it’s the direct input from the product users that help us make sure we’re on the right path. More community engagement helps us all succeed. See you in the forum!

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