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Training Tip: Administrative Considerations for SalesLogix End Users

by Employee on ‎01-26-2010 08:00 AM

The Sage SalesLogix Network Client is a powerful tool because your company can add its own customizations to better support your unique business rules and processes. 


With a Sage SalesLogix Client implementation at your office, there’s always a companion installation of the SalesLogix Administrator application. This Administrator application runs as its own program, and it controls the interface—and even the data—that you see when you log on to the SalesLogix Client. 


As you might expect, the actual person responsible for managing this SalesLogix Administrator application is referred to as your SalesLogix administrator. (Creative name, right?) The administrator’s most common tasks are setting up licenses, creating users and teams, and installing customization bundles/service packs. (Heavy-duty customizations, by the way, are created in a separate application called the SalesLogix Architect.) 


As you work through the End User training or consult the SalesLogix Help Files, you may see lots of references to your administrator. With so many options for configuration, it’s easy to get lost in the footnotes. This document provides a list of specific features controlled by your administrator that you might find useful in a discussion with your administrator during the early phases of your SalesLogix implementation. 



As a user, you can configure some of your own options without having to rely on your Administrator; in fact, some settings are available in both the Client and Administrator applications. In the following table, if you see a * denoted next to an option, it indicates a setting that is available to both users and administrators. To find those settings in the Client, click Tools > Options and Tools > Client Options.


Download the Administrative Considerations Check List.



Want to learn more? Visit Sage University today and check out our Sage SalesLogix Administrator's Subscirption.

by Bronze Super Contributor tagersea
on ‎01-26-2010 06:35 PM
Thanks for sharing!
on ‎03-15-2010 06:39 PM
Yes, I like it! It always bothered me that users were fairly removed from the defaults that we choose for them and your checklist might facilitate some enlightenment. Every once in a while I'll show a user an option that can be changed to suit them and they'll say "I didn't know you could do that"!

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