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Top 5 Things Sage SalesLogix Brings to Your Business #SalesLogix

by Employee on ‎09-28-2011 12:46 PM

Since we are approaching Sage SalesLogix 7.5.4’s first 100 days since its launch, I wanted to take a few moment to remind us all why we are very excited about this release.  So, here is a quick run through of the best that Sage SalesLogix 7.5.4 brings to you and your business:


  1. Choice
  2. CRM your way
  3. Great integration
  4. Great Mobile
  5. Great Analytics


Choice – Now that businesses are focused on growing again.  They are seeking ways to differentiate themselves through better customer service.  To be better at understanding and building their pipeline.  To be better at marketing and listening to that market to adjust their strategies.  CRM is essential to your growth strategy because it helps you to do your business better.   Sage SalesLogix, along with its seasoned business partners, continues to offer the flexibility you need to deliver your CRM solution.  Deployment, for example, is on everyone’s mind.  Do I go to the Cloud or not?  Sage SalesLogix allows you to do both.  You have a choice of how you deploy.  Sage SalesLogix can be deployed to the on-premise, in the cloud, in the office, mobile device, or remote office, and users can be offline or connected.  You are not locked into a technology stack.  You are not locked into a SaaS environment.  Once you choose, and you find out you don’t like your deployment choice, you can chose the other deployment option. 


CRM Your Way – It’s important to run the business they way you want to run your business.  You are the expert.  Some people say that you should do CRM the same way as everyone else.  If you want basic CRM, you can run Sage SalesLogix out of the box.  If you want more, you have the comfort to know that you can grow as you need to grow.  Sage SalesLogix v7.5.4 continues to offer a number of ways to enhance the way you work.  Check out the new roles and secured actions.  Check out the new ways to configure and administer the way your CRM works.


Great Integration – In order to deliver the right information to the right folks when they need it to get their work done is always a challenge for any business.  Challenges include getting data out of other systems.  Transforming the data into something that can be consumed by CRM.  Seamless adding views of the external data along with CRM data.  And, reporting on the external data along with the CRM data.  Once you have the integration working with all of the touch points, you hope you don’t have to upgrade because you know things will break.  Sage SalesLogix is great at integration.  v7.5.4 takes it to the next step by leveraging SData, the new integration contract, our new analytics engine, and improvements to better blend the data for a seamless user experience.


Great Mobile – Much of the CRM workforce needs access to their data anywhere and at anytime.  They need to access their data quickly.  Execute a task.  Then get in the car to get to the next appointment.  Smartphone bring the power of the laptop into a handheld device.  They are everywhere and are outselling laptops.  Sage SalesLogix Mobile harnesses the power of the new smartphones and put the power into the hands of the mobile road warrior.   Check out the latest version of Sage Saleslogix Mobile.  It’s fast.  It’s easy to use.  It’s for LAN and Web users.  And, the best news is that it’s included with your CRM license.


Great Analytics – Gaining insight from your data is why you spend all that time putting the data in to the system.  Reports are great.  Dashboards are great.  They help to bubble up information so that users can make better choices.  Sometimes you need more ways to get at your data, but usually tools to get more out of your data require expensive tools that are limited to a few users that go through special training.  Sage SaleLogix Advanced Analytics changes the “analytics for a few” to “analytics for everyone”.   Check it out.


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