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The advantages of moving to the cloud #saleslogix #cloud #crm

by Employee on ‎10-01-2012 11:41 AM

Using cloud based services, your company can have access to tools that help manage customer data, improve relationships, and become more agile. Forrester analyst William Band says, “This desire for increased flexibility and agility has been a key driver of the rapid adoption of CRM software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.”


These are the main benefits of using a cloud based CRM application, such as Sage SalesLogix Cloud:


  1. Quick deployment.  Businesses no longer have to purchase, install, and maintain expensive systems and servers. Instead, the company simply rents resources from the service provider and can download and deploy tools to many devices via the Internet.
  2. Rapid time to value.  CSC’s Cloud Index found that 80% of businesses experienced improvements in IT performance within 6 months of moving to the cloud.
  3. IT flexibility. Using the cloud, IT can easily support business needs—without having to worry about technology platforms, staffing issues, or costs. Plus, cloud CRM applications enable IT departments to support the organization’s Big Data and mobility concerns.
  4. Data security. Though traditionally a concern for many businesses, a recent survey from Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing shows that the cloud can actually strengthen SMB data security. According to the survey, SMBs using the cloud were nearly six times more likely to have decreased the total amount spent on security.
  5. Easy buying and ownership experience. ZDNet points out that, with the cloud, CRM technology is now affordable to SMBs. Organizations can pick and choose what they need, and pay for what they use. This approach makes it easy to scale as the company grows.

There are many cloud based CRM services available to your business. From analytics and sales force automation to social media, customer service, and marketing, it is important to first understand your company’s needs before selecting the solutions that are right for you.  Visit our website to learn more about Sage SalesLogix Cloud.

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