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The Power of Sales Squared

by Employee on ‎03-04-2014 02:14 PM

Midsize businesses have to make the most of their limited time, people, and resources to compete head-to-head with large enterprises. Time spent chasing cold leads, efforts targeting the wrong accounts, and making business decision based on incomplete data can be extremely detrimental to small and medium firms. If your sales and marketing teams had total visibility into your client interactions (including their reactions), could you determine which activities are generating the best response and return? If you could associate web site activity, event participation, and social media interactions with specific contacts could you identify your hottest prospects?


Saleslogix users already have marketing capabilities built into the CRM solution as well as access to the Saleslogix E-marketing add-on for mass email marketing. But growing firms often need more robust marketing automation capabilities, including drip marketing, nurture emails, website tracking, lead capture, lead scoring, event management and more to effectively compete against larger enterprises.


We recently announced a partnership between Saleslogix and Salesfusion which has spawned a new pre-configured bundle for firms that want to step up their marketing efforts. The new bundle melds Salesfusion’s premier marketing automation platform with the award-winning Saleslogix CRM, giving small and medium companies access to a co-branded “Sales Squared” solution with capabilities once reserved for only the largest enterprises. 


With the expanded integration, users can build and launch Salesfusion marketing campaigns faster than ever, using their existing Saleslogix contacts and groups, with all resulting information automatically updated across their Saleslogix databases. This closed-loop approach to CRM established a complete 360 degree view of your leads, contacts, and accounts with detailed activity and response tracking. This gives users across the organization a more comprehensive, contextual understanding of each customer’s interaction history and results, which can then be used to increase the quality and effectiveness of subsequent interactions across all channels. This bi-directional sync of sales, lead, and campaign information creates a direct line of sight from the marketing activities to the opportunity forecast.


Join us for a live webcast Saleslogix + Salesfusion = Sales Squared on March 6, 2014 @ 3pm ET to learn more about the partnership and combined powers of Saleslogix and Salesfusion.

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