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State of the SalesLogix Ecosystem - Announcing the Marketplace

by on ‎02-26-2013 11:13 AM

The State of the SalesLogix Ecosystem


Over the past few months I have blogged a few times about the SalesLogix Ecosystem and how it is instrumental to delivering “CRM Your Way”.  Over the past 7 months we have worked very hard to develop a healthier ecosystem.   Our ecosystem like any ecosystem is constantly evolving; some products have left the ecosystem and new ones have entered, currently we have 43 Development Partner Products available, with other products in development or being considered.   So a recap of the past 7 months is the SalesLogix Ecosystem is healthy and growing!


One of the questions that comes up often is how large should our ecosystem become?  My goal is to provide solutions that will allow you to create CRM Your Way.  With this goal it is impossible to say we should have 25 products or 1000 products.   I personally believe if an ecosystem is too small you do not have choices, but if too large the ecosystem becomes unwieldy, difficult to manage and can become diluted meaning quality or health will suffer.   I plan for the ecosystem to grow at a healthy rate to a size that meets your demands for your CRM while maintaining quality development products and partners.


Other questions that come my way quite regularly are:  “What products are in your ecosystem?” and “How to I find development partner products that may increase a company’s productivity or satisfy a unique need?”   Working with the team here we developed a plan to bring information about our ecosystem to the forefront of our business.  Then set about turning that plan into a reality.    I am proud to announce the Sage SalesLogix Marketplace is now a reality! 


This Marketplace site allows you to explore how these DPPs are a major component in delivering “Your CRM”.   Current Promotions are highlighted as well as featured products. Solutions can be shopped by business need and other criteria.   I could go on but there is an old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” so please use the link below to visit the Sage SalesLogix Marketplace and take a look at our ecosystem.  I recommend you bookmark the site as it will continue to grow and evolve just like the SalesLogix Ecosystem.


Visit the Sage SalesLogix Marketplace!


In closing I would like to give a big “Thank You” to my colleague, Karen Yamada for her hard work on making the Marketplace a reality. 


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