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Sneak Peek: Sage SalesLogix v8.0 Curriculum

by Employee on ‎04-19-2012 09:37 AM

The Sage SalesLogix training team is currently rewriting the core curriculum for version 8.0. This transition is an opportunity to not only incorporate new product features and upgrade our virtual environments, but to also revise the flow of the material itself—particularly in the Implementing, Administering, and End User courses.


Armed with years of feedback from students, I got to step back, pretend I've never seen the product before, and start asking questions that really matter. The Sage SalesLogix interface is very intuitive, so most of us already know how to click a few buttons. What we really need training for is to understand *why* we are clicking those buttons. Sometimes knowing the impact of *not* using a particular feature is also very helpful to seeing how all of the pieces fit together.


As an example, here's a sneak peek at the table of contents for the updated Windows End User course (see attachment). Can you answer all of these questions? (The TOC for the Web End User course is similar, but it has a few differences.) Watch for the Virtual Classroom and Anytime Learning versions of these courses after the v8.0 release. Even the most seasoned Sage SalesLogix users may find an answer to a question they've never before considered!

by Silver Super Contributor
on ‎04-19-2012 09:41 AM
Yes, I can - what did I win ?! PS Put in your header that plural means singular and his means her and vice-versa. You can then stop the torturous sentences thay may allow him or her to use this or that but only if she or he is male or female but conditionally only if they feel like it :-)
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