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Sage SalesLogix v8.0 – More Answers to your Webcast Questions

by on ‎11-19-2012 10:27 AM

Below are more questions and answers from our webcast we did a few weeks ago that highlighted the upcoming release of Sage SalesLogix v8.0. If you missed the webcast and would like to attend a replay, you can do so by clicking the link below:


Form questions:

Q: When and how do the form changes appear?

A:  When the Administrator makes a change to a form via the Web Form Designer, the changes are executed and visible immediately upon save.  The new, changed, or hidden fields will appear in the altered form. If a User is using the form, they will need to refresh before seeing the changes.


Q: Can you create custom objects?

A:  Yes – you would create the custom fields and custom tables in the Administrator and you can design the forms on the Web Administrator.


Mobile and Tablet questions:


Q: ­Do you have any limitations with the Web Client running on an iPad? ­

A:  Yes, Desktop Mail integration which allows for export to excel, drag and drop, mail merges and outlook integration is not available via non-Windows operating systems. In addition, we recommend running the Mobile client on your iPad for better layout optimization.


Q: ­is there a way to record outgoing emails on the (Send SLX) on the mobile devices?­

A: Emails can be sent directly to a Contact or Lead via Sage SalesLogix Mobile.  Once the action is complete, the User can type notes and record to History.  We do not have a true “Send SLX” function for email on the mobile device at this time.


Compatibility questions:


Q: ­will there be support for Windows 2012 server and SQL 2012 server? ­

A: With Sage SalesLogix v8.0, there will be support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012. It is also fully compatible with Windows 7. 


Q: ­Is IE9 supported in Sage SalesLogix v8.0?­

A:  IE9 is one of the recommended browsers for Sage SalesLogix v8.0.   


Q: ­Will Integration with Exchange online be supported?­

A:  SLX does integrate with Exchange. If you are using Exchange 360  - not yet. There are 3rd party tools that do support such an environment.


Q: ­What versions of MAS200 will be supported through DynaLink integration? ­

A:  MAS 200 has been renamed to Sage ERP 100. The integration with Sage SalesLogix and Sage ERP 100 is supported via Dyanlink.  For more information on Dynalink, please visit:


Q: ­Are there any integration options for Google apps such as Gmail and calendar?­

A:  Sage SalesLogix currently integrates with Outlook.  We have plans to add Gmail and Google Calendar integration in 2013.


Q: ­Does SData replace Dynalink?­

A:  SData is short for Sage Data, which is a standards-based protocol, used by Sage product API’s and integrations.  Dynalink is now a third-party product which specifically enables integration with Sage SalesLogix and Sage ERP 100 and is not replaced by SData.  For more information, please see:


Q: ­Will ExchangeLink be compatible with SLX 8.0? 

A:  Yes, Exchangelink will be compatible with Sage SalesLogix v8.0.


Q: How about QGate intelli-CTi?­

A: Our development partners are working closely with us to provide compatibility with our upcoming releases.




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