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Sage SalesLogix Mobile – Connect When It Counts #SalesLogix

by on ‎08-30-2011 11:20 AM

Remember when “Mobile Computing” meant working with your laptop away from the office?  Then came the “old school” tablet style laptops that you could write on similar to a notebook?  Now we have access to true tablet based computing devices with built in keyboards.  We use our fingers to point, click and resize.  Everyone has a phone... with more than likely, more computing power than those old mobile laptops we started this revolution.  And, get this… they make phone calls too!


With all of this computing power at our fingertips, we are more productive than ever, right?  Honestly, I can play Angry Birds while waiting for my turn on the tee box, switch over to text the babysitter and let her know I’ll be late to pick up the kids, send an Instant Message to my wife and let her know my meeting is running over, follow what all of my “friends” are doing on multiple social networks, AND check my email just like when I’m in the office.  These things are incredible!


In all seriousness, I use my phone and tablet devices constantly.  And one of the main reasons I use my phone is because it is always on and always with me.  When I go to Chicago this week, I’ll be able to login to Sage SalesLogix Mobile and check how my team’s pipeline is progressing and get updates on how we finished out the month.  I can schedule phone calls with customers and prospects.  See which other prospects are near my current location and automatically map where they are.  I can record every email and conversation I have with any customer / prospect as soon as I do it – not when I get back to the office or hotel room.  If I need a phone number – I no longer need to rely on syncing my contacts – I can simply look them up on my Sage SalesLogix database.  All of them, not just a subset I had to choose to take with me on the road.  The power of CRM on the go and in the palm of my hand has truly made life easier for me. 


Today from 12:30 to 1:30 Pacific Time I’ll be showing some of the features available in the new Sage SalesLogix mobile product to hundreds of you who have registered to attend.  I’ve just been informed that the webcast is now full, so if you miss today’s live webcast, we’ll have a recorded version available soon and will share that link here when available.


Jason Askelson

Director, Professional Services

Sage CRM Solutions

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