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Sage SalesLogix Master's Series Training

by Employee on ‎10-14-2011 08:46 AM

You may be familiar with our popular Sage SalesLogix Virtual Classroom courses that focus on building your core skill set and provide certification training. Now you can extend that knowledge with intensive one-day courses in the Sage SalesLogix Master's Series. These courses let you zero in on specific Sage SalesLogix technical topics – training you won’t see anywhere else.


Sage SalesLogix Master's Series courses are only $99 each and use a Virtual Classroom format featuring cloud-based training labs from Skytap®. You’ll receive electronic curriculum with step-by-step instructions and access to our knowledgeable Sage SalesLogix trainers. In addition, you’ll enjoy insightful interviews with subject matter experts who provide a unique perspective on the topic you’re learning. 


Here are the avaialble Sage SalesLogix Master's Series courses at Sage University: 


Client-Side Coding Techniques

This course teaches you how to use client-side coding techniques with SalesLogix Web. You will learn how to use and extend client-side JavaScript framework, render client-side code from the server within a .NET application, debug JavaScript inside a Web application, and use JavaScript in a custom smart part for the SalesLogix Web Client.



New Sage SalesLogix Mobile

Formerly called Mobile Developing, this course explores the most popular layout engines—-WebKit, Trident, and Gecko. Throw in some HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Frameworks, and you’re ready to create a simple mobile application of your own! We’ll wrap up the course by configuring the mobile environment for New Sage SalesLogix Mobile and creating a custom "ClientProject" entity related to Accounts and Tickets with mobile views. You'll end up with a fully-functioning project management customization for Sage SalesLogix Mobile.




This course teaches you how to use the SData™ with Sage SalesLogix by having you build a real-world customization from scratch. You will leave with a standalone C#.NET application that tracks project management data, using a custom entity. This course uses the SData™ C# Client Libraries.



Services in SalesLogix Web

This course explores services in the SalesLogix Web product. You will learn how to locate available services in SalesLogix, use Application Level Services (such as DataService, UserService, and UserOptionsService), use Page Level Services (such as PanelRefreshService, DialogService, MenuService, and ConfigurationManager Service), and access services from the workspace.



Querying with the Sage SalesLogix HQL Data Source

Sage SalesLogix Web supports several different querying methods to return data: IRepository, NHibernate ICriteria, and NHibernate HQL, to name a few. These methods allow you to set up a separate class to use as a business rule applied to the Get By Method of any data source. Another technique for querying without using a business rule is to use a the SalesLogix HQL data source. This course explores the different clauses and options available with the HQL data source.



We'd love to see you at one of our upcoming Master's Series courses. They're a great, easy way to learn more about Sage Saleslogix in smally byte-sized pieces! Please contact a Sage SalesLogix traianing coordinator if you have any quetsions. 

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