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Sage SalesLogix Innovation Awards 2012 Finalists: Tell Us Who Inspired You Most!

by Administrator Administrator ‎12-12-2012 02:28 PM - edited ‎12-14-2012 08:37 AM

In November, we announced the launch of the Sage SalesLogix 2012 Innovation Awards with the goal of inspiring Sage SalesLogix users to tackle their own unique business challenges head on.

We'd like to thank everyone who submitted the cool ways they've cooked up to save time, money or solve a nagging business challenge using Sage SalesLogix.

Today we are announcing our four finalists! But who will claim the title of Champion Innovator? The fun part is, you're the judge. So take a few moments to be inspired by the awesomeness and vote on whom you think is most worthy of taking home the prize.

Your opportunity to award the most worthy innovator ends Thursday, December 20th, 2012 at 5:00pm PT.

Cast your vote now!

We will be announcing the Champion Innovator here in the community next week, so stay tuned!

The winner will receive a $2,500 American Express Gift Card and an Apple® iPad®. Plus, a big fat trophy for bragging rights.

FINALIST 1: AgReliant Genetics

AgReliant Genetics, a leading seed company in the United States, worked with Sincera Solutions to implement Sage SalesLogix 4 years ago.

After using the system for a couple of years, they had a strong desire to extend the best features of Sage SalesLogix to mobile device that could easily be used in the field. The iPad® was released, and seemed to be the perfect fit.

With SData integration capabilities, Sincera was able to access all of the core CRM data and make it available on the iPad®. Sincera and AgReliant were then able to leverage the unique capabilities of the iPad® such as the maps application, voice-to-text, and data visualization tools. This made for an "instant on" experience that was simple to use from anywhere.

The application has driven user adoption at AgReliant, and has accelerated their rollout plan of Sage SalesLogix to every division of their organization in the US. They are currently evaluating it in Europe.

The Results

• Improved Customer Service
Salespeople are using the app with their customers to answer questions, add follow-ups, and track grower details.

• Increased Sales
The system helps user to focus on accounts that are the best fit for AgReliant's brands based on a scoring algorithm and data visualizations.

• Improved Salesperson Morale
Salespeople want to look and feel prepared when getting out and meeting with clients, and the AIM app puts their sales team on the cutting edge.

See for yourself:

INNOVATION: Drag and Drop Grid Reordering

Our Sales team needed a quick way to reorder a list of products in the Products Grid, which is used in a mail merge to create a proposal with an ordered BOM. Our team developed a clean Drag and Drop interface to the grid allowing immediate row reordering with automatic saving. The implementation utilizes jQuery and interaction with .NET and the Sage SalesLogix database.

See for yourself:

FINALIST 3: Steadfast Capital Markets

"Only after mapping out your goals can you plot a course to achieve them"

Using Sage SalesLogix as our fully integrated CRM database for all departments, this year, we focused on our external sales reps. We created and branded "Skybook" - our iPad® friendly - visual territory management tool.

Using Geo-coding for all of our CRM contacts in Sage SalesLogix whose firms have "Selling Agreements" with us along with Microsoft Bing maps we were able to build a "Zillow" or "Open Table" type of visual system for our external sales reps to use on their iPads to find rep's when out in the field. They are now able to "see" their territories New Producers, Producers, and most importantly their Non-Producers. Furthering the "view" we have added "Warnings" when they have not had any successfully completed activity for their reps within 30 days whether it be Sage SalesLogix phone call activity or Sage SalesLogix meeting Activity (the icons flash) as well as "Warnings" regarding Sales Levels such as a "One hit wonder" (someone who's sold one or two times and not again for at least 90+ days) or a Fallen Angel (someone who's sold more than 3 times but has not again in 90+ days). To add user interactivity we created a "Nudge" feature whereas the external team member can easily inquire or "nudge" the internal team member, pushing them into action regarding a specific rep and or specific rep's "warning".

Furthermore, by utilizing the Sage SalesLogix Campaign engine, we have also defined each rep as a potential warm lead if they have been to one of our Regional Road Shows, or larger Due Diligence Meetings (a responder to a campaign). All icon based, iPad® friendly, and "fun".

See for yourself:


FINALIST 4: F.A. Davis Company
INNOVATION: Tablet Implementation

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