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Sage SalesLogix Customer Support - Brief Team Meetings

by egreen on ‎07-26-2010 07:52 AM

The regular business hours for Sage SalesLogix Customer Support are 6:00 AM (MDT) through 5:00 PM (MDT).   During Business hours, you may call and reach our Voice Mail prompt.  When this occurs, please provide the contact information we can use to return your call at your current location.


SalesLogix Customer Support, will on occasion, pursue brief team meetings during regular business hours.  These meetings are designed to impart important business and product related information, such has key product support procedures and technical notes or product related training.   While there are times where we need to immediately communicate information to the entire team, we strive to identify meeting times that have the least impact to you, our customer.  Additionally, these meetings, when held, are purposely brief so that we can quickly resume service.  If you have been asked to provide your contact information and leave a message for SalesLogix Customer Support, please know that we will return your call within one hour.  Please also note that you can help us, help you, by including the following pieces of information when you leave a message:


  • Your full name
  • Your organization or company name
  • Your Designated Contact Personal Identification Number (PIN) and, or, Support Incident Number
  • A phone number for your current location (too include any phone extension)

Once again, we are sensitive to the impact of any service related disconnect and were actively working to limit these occurrences.  Currently, the SalesLogix Customer Support Team meets briefly each week on Tuesday and Friday at 10:00 AM (MDT). 


Additional Support resources are available to you within our Product Forums, Knowledgebase and SupportOnline websites:


Should you wish to discuss this with the Manager of Sage SalesLogix Customer Support, please feel free to contact me or reply to this blog.



Edward Green, Manager SalesLogix Customer Support

800-643-6400 extension #4483, mailto:

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