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Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics course is nearly ready!

by on ‎09-23-2011 10:28 AM

                The Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics course is nearly ready for you to register for. What that really means is a few things. First, the product is ready and is awesome. Kristin Lisson, our other trainer and curriculum developer has already published our end user videos for the product. Lastly it is not the easiest thing to install and a training course is warranted to learn how to install it properly.


                Yep that is right SSAA, as it is called, takes a few steps to install and some guidance is warranted. Similar to the classic mobile product, a step-by-step guide with some detailed explanation is what a partner should expect to receive before installing SSAA.


                The good news? We have it. User Assistance (the guys who write the Implementation Guides) published an outstanding guide that I used, technical support has used, and you will certainly refer to. You could use just that guide to get the product installed. But what happens when something goes wrong? Who do you have to ask questions to? That is where training comes in.


                We are developing a set of step by step videos that quickly show how to install the product from start to finish. We hope to provide an environment where you can practice the installation and configuration and prove that you understand the process, and finally we are there to answer questions. Do we know all the answers? Of course not, but the support team we have at Sage is just a few steps away and always willing to answer a question in class or after class if needed.


                See you next month in our SSAA class. It might be hands on or just virtual classroom, but it will be what you need.

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