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#Sage #SalesLogix Advanced Analytics: Frequently Asked Questions

by on ‎02-07-2012 11:04 AM

You may have heard of Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics, but how much do you know about it? Here are some frequently asked questions that you help you to better understand what this product can do for your organization.



What is Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics?

Advanced Analytics is a business intelligence tool that allows users to monitor performance of key metrics, analyze trends, determine root causes for success or failure, predict future performance, formulate better business strategies and make better business decisions. Advanced Analytics can pull data from SalesLogix, and from other systems, including ERP, telephony, e-mail marketing and even spreadsheets, so that a complete CRM analysis can be performed. Advanced Analytics is a full business intelligence platform that is powered by TIBCO Spotfire, a leading business intelligence software provider. Advanced Analytics is very easy to use and can benefit all employees, from executives to analysts to the front-line sales, marketing and support teams. Advanced Analytics comes with 15 pre-built dashboards that can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.


Can I pull in the custom columns or custom tables that I have added to the SalesLogix schema?

Yes, absolutely. This can be done through the information designer in the Professional client. You just add the columns and/or tables to the data model so that Advanced Analytics knows how to retrieve the data and use it in your dashboards and reports.


How easy is it to modify the look and feel of the charts and controls?

It is actually very easy. Each control has an attributes window that controls things like the color, line style, formatting, axis titles, shapes and many aspects of the chart or grid that is being displayed


Is SalesLogix data security enforced?

Yes, SalesLogix security is fully enforced in the interactive client, which is the client that is embedded in the SalesLogix client. Advanced Analytics uses the security code access list assigned to the user to determine what data can be displayed.


Can I control which users see a given dashboard?

Yes, the SalesLogix Web client enforces which users can see and access a given dashboard through role security. Whoever is assigned to the role that grants access to the dashboard, will have access the dashboard. For SalesLogix LAN client users, the dashboard access is controlled through by deploying the dashboards only to the users that should see them.


What versions of SalesLogix does it work with?

Advanced Analytics requires SalesLogix v7.5.4 or later.


Is it available for the SalesLogix LAN client?

Yes, the product is fully integrated with the LAN client.and with the Web client.


Is it available for SalesLogix Cloud customers?

Yes, Advanced Analytics is available for both Sage SalesLogix on-premises and Cloud customers.


Is Advanced Analytics designed for business analysts, or can it be used effectively by anyone in my department?

While Advanced Analytics supports the type of analysis that business analysts and power users need to do, it is very appropriate for the average sales, marketing or support person. Usability is a key strength of the product. In addition, the pre-built content has been carefully designed to make it easy for end users to use without going through training.



If you are interested in learning more about Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics, please contact your Sage business partner for more details.

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