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Reviewing support case related detail and providing feedback

by ‎04-12-2010 07:07 AM - edited ‎04-12-2010 07:36 AM

Have you ever wanted to review your SalesLogix Support Case Online or provide feedback in a manner that may be a bit more convenient than placing a phone call to support?  The capability to do both is available to you by selecting the “Case Inquiry” link from the Support menu at Sage Software Online.

While you may choose to contact a support analyst by phone and continue with a live interactive troubleshooting session, some situations may only require feedback to successfully move the issue forward.  In this instance, a mechanism to provide such feedback is available online, regardless of whether the support center is currently open or closed.

After executing a query to build a list of support cases, select the "CaseID" link to enter and submit email feedback.

In addition to support case review and analysis, the capability to export detailed notes to Excel, or printing complete case history are also available.

I believe you’ll find Sage Software Online to be a great resource for obtaining complete case history, status, troubleshooting or resolution steps performed, in addition to being a reliable vehicle for providing case related feedback.

Message Edited by egreen on 04-12-2010 07:36 AM

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