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Practice, Practice, and more Practice.

by JasonHuber on ‎05-18-2012 10:04 AM

As we move towards the next version of SalesLogix we can enjoy the time we have spent with the current version of the product. Our current version is stable, has many great features, and from what you are telling me, has a lot of what you needed in SalesLogix. The upcoming version has some additions you have all been asking for, but until it arrives we can enjoy the time we have with 7.5.X right?



                By enjoy our time I mean practice and keep up our skills. If you are learning SData, it will still apply in the next version, if you haven’t implemented mobile, you could give that a preview. Keeping up with .net concepts and Javascript is a good idea too (dojo anyone)? What about mashups? Remember those? In the next version I hear that we can consume our mashups in JSON format. This means we can write simple JavaScript to consume data from a mashup. Why does this help? The mashup engine allows us the transform our data just about any way we like it. Build a custom JSON data feed. It might be read only, but aren’t a lot of our widgets read only? What about custom reporting via a mashup and JSON?



                It can be a lot to keep up with, but if you take time aside to refresh your memory and consider the existing options available, stay fresh on the technology, and practice you can be sure to deliver the best user experience for your customers.


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