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Personalizing your demos with an easy customization option

by on ‎05-05-2010 08:06 AM

As a sales engineer, a large part of my time is spent customizing our demo images for prospective customers so we can show them personalized data. Adding fields, renaming labels, adding new tabs and changing layouts is what I do the most. Lately, I’ve had a few prospects that focused on analyzing and querying data. So, I’ve customized the filter options for the web client. (FYI... the data filters are the checkboxes options on the right hand side when you are looking at a list view).  What a quick and easy change! There are only 4 settings to define and they are so simple! You just have to give the filter a name, a display name, map to the actual field being filtered and select what type of filter it is (whether it is distinct or a range). That’s it! Of course, you do need to rebuild the web platform and re-deploy it before you can see your changes. 

In my recent demos, I just added a few filters to match their filtering criteria and it showed so well. The prospect had multiple market segments so all I had to do was add a Segment (Industry) filter to the Accounts and Opportunities table and I was able to start filtering by their custom segment values. They also had a subtype category which I added as well so that they can filter and preview the amount of records with just a few clicks. I can show them how many customers were in a specific segment and subtype without having to build any complex groups or a report.  This scenario was created using the distinct option so it lists all the possible values for each given filter. I also have edited some of the existing filters like City filter which was a distinct type into a range so it shows better and it is more intuitive. Instead of having a list of all possible cities in the database, I defined a range such as Cities from A to D and D to K, K to P and so forth.

Any field can become a filter. Instead of creating multiple groups beforehand, I can quickly filter by selecting the appropriate filter checkboxes. You don’t need training or special skills to use them. They are so intuitive and powerful. It’s a great feature to show at the beginning of the demos.

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