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On the Go...and In the Know

by Employee on ‎03-10-2011 09:10 AM

If you’re anything like me, your smart phone has become an indispensable part of your workday, and your life.  Whether you spend most of your time in the office, on the road, or a mixture of each, being ‘connected,’ at all times helps you stay on top of your work, stay in touch with colleagues and customers, and have access to the information you need to effectively do your job.  Mix in the occasional baseball score, stock quote, or YouTube video (not on company time, of course…) and, with your smart phone, you are a fully-functioning mobile operations center, no matter where you may be.


Delivering quality customer experiences is a 24x7 endeavor.  Your customers expect you to be informed, respond promptly to issues and inquiries, and understand their unique businesses.  They aren’t concerned whether you may be sitting at your desk at the time they call, or if you left the folder with their account info in it in the passenger seat of your car.   Selling is a 24x7 endeavor as well.  But, having ‘carried a bag’ earlier in my career (pre cell phones), I often found myself burning time waiting in lobbies and sitting in airports with binders of printed account information I prepared the night before – and no means to use the time to advance a potential sale or address a pressing support issue.


Fast forward to today.  You’ve got a CRM system to consolidate all of your customer information and help you manage opportunities, but the information is only as good as your ability to access and put it to use – both on your and your customers’ timetable.  Enter mobile CRM. 


Picture yourself now being able to access detailed contact and account information, view rich customer histories, and update opportunity info on your smart phone in a few clicks.   The time sitting in that same lobby or airport just became a lot more useful – and profitable.  Add the ability to leverage and interact with native device capabilities like mapping and email, and you’re experiencing productivity equal to being in the office.  You’re maximizing your time, having informed and effective interactions with customers, and advancing the sale!


Are you ready for mobile CRM?  I invite you to attend one of our upcoming customer webcasts titled – On the Go…and In The Know, on either March 23rd or March 24th.  We’ll discuss the benefits of mobile CRM and demonstrate the new Sage SalesLogix Mobile – an innovative, browser-based mobile CRM solution available to Sage SalesLogix customers at no additional charge.* 


Register for a webcast today!



*Requires Sage SalesLogix v7.5.3 and higher.

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