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Not Every User is Equal #CRM #yourcrminside

by Employee on ‎05-20-2014 03:37 PM

While sitting on the plane headed to the Gartner 360 Customer Summit in Orlando (where Saleslogix is a Silver Sponsor), I was thinking about the future licensing models in CRM. At Saleslogix, we already offer Named User, Concurrent User and Mobile User licence options in the Cloud and on-premise which is unique amongst our peers. Named Users represent the traditional software model, every user licence is considered equal with equal functionality and access regardless of usage. Concurrent Users offers the opportunity to share licences across the team.  For example, last week I talked to a long time European customer with 200 users, they have 80 named user licences for high-use individuals and 20 concurrent licenses which are shared across 120 occasional users. Mobile User licences are considerablely cheaper than Named Users and offers the opportunity for users to access their solution through mobile devices only (Named and Concurrent licenses include a Mobile license and do not require an additional Mobile license).


To maintain our licensing flexibility leadership position in coming years, I can contemplate completely new license models becoming mainstream. More and more business software will be delivered through simple apps designed around individual use-cases. These apps will be mash-ups of multiple business application functions and data. The aim of our Purpose Built Applications product strategy including our recently announced Saleslogix Xbar functionality for Outlook is to deliver this vision and take CRM to where people work. With this easy ubiquitous access, adoption with your users will become easier and CRM will become a tool to be used across the business. This will drive the need for more commercial innovation where licensing models based on employee numbers or transaction volume potentially come to the fore. Food for thought!


Where do you see user licensing going? Share it here!

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