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More of the Art (and Science) of Usability…

by on ‎11-20-2009 03:31 PM

Last week I was in Atlanta at Sage Summit with a team of three researchers. We spent most of the week conducting usability testing of SalesLogix with customers. During a break, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lauren McKay from Destination CRM. Lauren was delightful and subsequently wrote a nice blog post called The Art of Usability at Sage Summit ( 


Lauren did a great job capturing the basics of what we do in her blog and I wanted to share her post as well as let people know more about our research and design program at Sage CRM Solutions.  


At Sage Summit, we collected data from users performing every day tasks with SalesLogix. This week our team has been back in the office and we’re working on analyzing the data from our research. We’re learning interesting things about how customers interact with the product and are using this intelligence to make SalesLogix easier to use.  


To make our products easier to use, we leverage best practices in social science research and conduct a number of customer studies during the course of creating each release. We look at all types of qualitative and quantitative data. We use metrics such as how much time it takes people to complete tasks. We also look at the relationship between customer satisfaction scores and other usability metrics. We review recorded footage of usability tests to understand and quantify what paths customers use to do their work. We’ve even determined the number of clicks and keystrokes required for any given task so that we can measure user productivity. While there’s certainly art involved, there’s also plenty of science! I’ve written extensively about our programs recently for ACT! (


As Lauren found out, we have the same commitment to usability for SalesLogix. So, stay tuned to hear more about that in the coming months!

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