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Mobile v5.5 - A user just got a new BlackBerry! Do I need to get the device PIN number and issue a new site code?

by on ‎10-29-2009 03:11 PM

Lucky user! The latest round of BlackBerry devices like the Tour and the Storm 2 are pretty sweet.


In versions of SalesLogix Mobile prior to v5.5 changing a users BlackBerry or re-installing the Mobile application involved having the Administrator assign a new site code and if using Real-Time sync, getting the device PIN number from the user and then updating their record.


In v5.5, if the Install Notification Email feature in the Mobile Administrator was used when the user first installed the application, all they need to do click on the install link to navigate to the install page, install the application, run it and sync. No need for any Administrator intervention.


How does this work?


Whenever a BlackBerry device syncs both the device PIN number and the catalogue of used primary keys are sent to the server and stored. When a device syncs for the first time (initial sync) if a back up of the primary key catalogue exists for the syncing user, it is sent back to the device so primary keys can be generated where they left off. No need to assign a new Site Code.

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