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Mobile 2.0 against 7.5.4 and 8.0 AND Activities Customizations - New Courses

by on ‎03-08-2013 08:16 AM

Mobile 2.0 and customizing the Activities areas of the main web product have a lot in common. Both use simplate, Dojo, Dojo AMD loading, and an import system that makes customization pretty straight forward. Well straight forward once you know what to do.


In April we are launching the new Mobile 2.0 course. This course will cover customizing SalesLogix Mobile (Argos platform) for version 7.5.4 and version 8.0 of SalesLogix.


Why not version 7.5.3 or earlier?


Technically there is a change where a version check needs to take place for the activities section of mobile I believe. This requires a change in how mobile polls the SData system. 7.5.4 was the farthest this was ported back. Now this isn’t a detailed or probably very accurate description of why, but that is my understanding from discussions with developers.


Why version 2.0 against 7.5.4 and not version 1.2?


Upgrades. If you write your customizations for 7.5.4 against Mobile 2.0 then when you go to version 8.0 your changes will be copy and paste (or really close). Also getting to know how to do 2.0 customizations will benefit you for any new 8.0 implementations.


So if you are working with an existing mobile 1.2 customization you will want to take the existing mobile 1.2 for 7.5.4 (and really any version before that) class. If you are thinking of a new implementation of mobile against 7.5.4 or 8.0 then go to the mobile 8.0 class.


The new class is not simply an update of the old. We redid the course using the same project, but the format is completely different. You will see how to export the base mobile from your existing VFS, how to customize it with related entities, lookups, forms, and finally how to get it back into Application Architect and deploy it. This is a much easier process than in 1.2, but still not trivial. There is a bit of code involved.


So how does this apply to activities?


Well did you ever have the need to add a tab to the activities dialogue? If you haven’t looked it is different in version 8.0. No more talk about 7.5.4 this is 8.0 only. Simplate, Dojo, and overriding views is what the Activities  JS course is all about.

In the course (which is due out in May) we will add tabs, lookups, textboxes, checkboxes, grids, hide and show controls based on the state of other controls, and add the activities list to our own entities. Oh yeah. We will also add our own columns to that activities list.


This is all based on the work from Cameron that he demonstrated at Boot Camp and subsequently updated. That is a nice piece of work. In training we took that and put it into a consumable course which will walk you through each of the customizations and a bit more. We dynamically load the controls, a bit of AJAX, lots of binding, but overall pretty similar.



That’s it! See you in class! (click here for classes)

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