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Just Scratching the Surface of Mobile CRM

by Employee on ‎05-16-2013 09:26 AM

Do you remember when laptops were still riding the crest of technological enthusiasm? With the advent of laptops, sales reps and business professionals were no longer tethered to their desks and notepads. This gave us greater freedom from our PCs, but was only a step in the path to real efficiency. Many sales reps and field personnel were still forced to enter notes and information back into their laptops in evenings to synchronize that information back to a shared corporate database.


Today, mobile solutions like smartphones and tablets are changing the way we interact with hardware, software, and information technology in an even more dramatic way than laptops… and we’re still just scratching the surface.


This year F.A. Davis Company, an independent nursing, medicine, and health sciences publisher, won the SalesLogix Inno Award for Mobile CRM Implementation by replacing their sales team’s laptops with PC-based Samsung tablets to help reps better access and enter data into SalesLogix right as they meet with customers. This eliminated the cumbersome routine of unpacking and booting up laptops for product demonstrations and then the time consuming process of updating client information after visits.


The mobile CRM implementation at F.A. Davis saves staff 250 hours of weekly data entry effort and has reduced the organization’s reliance on laptops while increasing sales. Reps found they could more easily review accounts before and during meetings with instructors and complete more actions like entering sample textbook requests while visiting customers.  Multiscreening was also possible using monitors that were issued, so reps could work in SalesLogix and another application like email at the same time in office settings. Reps now accomplish the majority of sales tasks in real time while meeting with customers.


Read the press release and you will learn how F.A. Davis reps are now accomplishing the majority of sales tasks in real time while meeting with customers. F.A. Davis worked with SalesLogix business partner Infinity Info Systems to integrate SalesLogix with the company’s Oracle-based ERP system to handle all sample and product fulfillment including shipment tracking.  Two lengthy account status reports were no longer needed with SalesLogix operating on tablets, and each rep now saves about two hours every night by no longer needing to enter a day’s worth of call notes.


Improved efficiency and access to information in real time are not the only benefits. Reps can also easily show digital versions of textbooks and can demonstrate their DavisPlus online library of teaching tools when meeting with customers directly. DavisPlus customer passwords can even be activated right from within SalesLogix on the tablets.


"Using SalesLogix on Samsung tablets has certainly expanded how CRM benefits our organization," says George Ricciardi, F.A. Davis Director of MIS. "Our sales team is no longer bound to heavy laptops or static reports, is conducting more natural and productive sales visits with customers, and is profiting from sales insights that more precise data management provides."


Read the full press release about F.A. Davis using SalesLogix CRM on Samsung Tablets to Alleviate La...

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