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Images are ready for Summit

by on ‎06-22-2012 08:20 AM

It might be hard to believe,  but we had to have the image ready for Sage Summit today. Nearly two months in advance! What does that mean to a Sage SalesLogix Partner or Customer? It means version 8 is good enough to be put on an image and used for Summit. Exciting!


What is the image used for?


I have two sessions that the image is used for. One is a mobile session covering version 2.0 and 3.0 of mobile, and the other is covering the web admin tools, dynamic customizations area, and new deployment methods (or really lack of deployment!).


These two sessions are both customer sessions on Wednesday and Thursday but partners can attend. 


Are these hands-on sessions?


Yes! I prefer hands-on sessions because we get a chance to talk about the new stuff and then try it out! These sessions are in a lab room with computers running a vmware image of version 8.


What else do you get?


But wait there is more! Just like years past, everything we do in these two sessions will be in a printed book (one book for both sessions), downloads of the code or newest customizations since the stuff on the image will be nearly two months old, and we will share anything we know about release dates of new training, new training topics, and anything else you care to talk about.



See you there!

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