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How to determine if a service organization needs Financial Project Management?

by Employee on ‎08-25-2011 11:03 AM

Project Management can really optimize organization's financial returns. Here are five criteria to help gauge if you need a project management solution for your CRM system:


  1. Do you experience revenue loss from not billing 100% of your billable work performed?
  2. Does it take too long and cost too much to collect and approve labor time and expense data?
  3. Are you frustrated with the loss of productivity and increased error rate that comes with manual data entry and re-keying into multiple systems
  4. Does it take too long to produce invoices for your customers after work is performed?
  5. Are you easily able to determine under performing and non-performing projects/staff/work type?

If a check can be put next to any of the above criteria then Sage SalesLogix has a solution to help any organization, Project Management Express for Sage SalesLogix powered by Timelinx.


  • Project Management reduces errors and duplicate data entry to lower administrative overhead by keeping all service delivery data with the rest of your customer information.  No more re-keying of information, once kept in multiple spreadsheets, applications and custom databases.
  • Project Management shrinks the time to collect project data and manage spreadsheets. 
  • It proactively prevents over-budget, over-schedule and non-performing projects. 
  • It reduces staff time spent providing updates on project status to management and customers.
  • It improves resource utilization (reduces "bench time").    
  • It increases margins on billable projects by implementing "premium" rates.
  • It improves efficiency and accuracy by easily replicating similar project work

Project Management Express is an affordable add-on project management, time, expense, and scheduling solution that integrates both with Sage SalesLogix and bi-directionally with various ERP systems. It will maximize the profitability and time-to-invoice of professional services businesses. And now this solution is exclusively distributed by Sage.


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