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How Accurate is your Sales Forecast?

by on ‎07-16-2012 04:48 PM

Does it really matter?  After all, you can take a “pretty good” guess, right?  When I was in sales, I hated the dreaded monthly forecast.  After all, it took me away from selling, which was my real focus – not that crazy forecast numbers game.  How little did I understand how extremely important an accurate forecast is to a company.


In fact, according to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, “Sales Forecasting, How Top Performers Leverage the Past, Visualize the Present, and Improve their Future Revenue,” a trustworthy sales forecast was linked to better year over year performance.   So, basically, if you want to build a roadmap on how and where to grow, you need an accurate forecast in order to plan and budget your resources to maximize growth.  Intrigued?  If you want to see more information, at a glance, check out this Infographic, or if you have more time, download the full report


Helping you create accurate and timely sales forecasts is just part of what Sage SalesLogix reporting and analytics can do.  Sage SalesLogix has reporting and analytics solutions for users at all levels, including Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics, which is designed to help you perform in-depth analysis on all CRM-related data.  If you want to learn more about how to really get the most out of your data, please join us at Sage Summit and attend the session, “Driving Towards Success: Selecting, Monitoring and Analyzing Metrics in Sage SalesLogix.”    This is a great opportunity to get a full view of how to best utilize the reporting and analytics tools within Sage SalesLogix.   In addition, you can ask direct questions of our experts and network with your peers on the subject.  If you haven’t already registered, or would like more information, please visit

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