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Have you heard what is around the corner for #Sage #SalesLogix Support?

by Employee on ‎02-01-2012 09:49 AM

As the saying goes... "Change is inevitable" - And thus is the theme as we move into February 2012. Sage SalesLogix Support is transitioning from a legacy system into an enterprise solution that is consistent with other Sage North America business units.


From a customer or partner perspective, what does this mean?

Customers and partners will face new experiences that are different than current interactions, but we are dedicated to delivering the same quality support and providing an exceptional customer experience. You will experience a new interaction when you attempt to contact Support via telephone. It is our goal with this change to direct each customer or partner to the appropriate support staff answer  your questions and/or resolve your challenges.


From a support analyst's perspective, what does this mean?

This means that support analysts will be learning new systems and new processes, so we encourage our external audiences to be patient as they navigate through the new system and follow these new processes. As challenges arise we are dedicated to address each incident with the same commitment as we do today with the legacy system.


What can we expect during February to prepare us for this change?

Customers and partners will not experience any changes until Monday, February 27th, but until that time there will be communication sent to prepare for this change. Once the new system launches, then there will be additional resources (i.e. Training, web casts, etc) to assist with navigation, account management, and self-service.


As always, the Sage SalesLogix Support Staff is available to assist with questions that you may have during this transition period.  We appreciate your patience and assistance during this time.


Thank you,


Matthew Campbell
Knowledge Management Lead, Sage SalesLogix
Sage CRM Solutions

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