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Git and where can I find useful information?

by on ‎09-23-2010 08:58 AM

The sage team has been working hard on a lot of customizations and improvements to the product – some of which are made available before an official release. These are commonly referred to as “accelerators” or “community previews” and released via If you aren’t familiar with Git, it is a source control system like subversion or visual source safe but was developed by Linus Torvalds – the guy developed the Linux kernel. Anyway you can get to a lot of cool stuff out there. Here are some starting points. Before you click any links realize you only need a zip utility to access this code. You do not need git installed – it will be beneficial to learn Git and we have several videos in the Developer’s Subscription on the subject, but you can simply click into a repository and in the upper right choose download source to get a zip of the code. Anything you can see is public – there are some items that are private, but we cannot see them –so if you can see it – git it!


You can start a public github repo for free, but you can use git for free anyway. is the place to start. Just check out the companies using git for their source control. just allows you to place that repo in the cloud for collaboration.


Probably the most useful git repo for SalesLogix developers is here:

This contains the reUI, Argos SDK, Argos-saleslogix, CSharpClientLibs for SData, and simplate repos. This means accessing SalesLogix SData from SalesLogix and the mobile client (for the most part).


Another great repo is here:

This contains the JavaScript client libs for SData as well as desktop integration and a few other interesting repos.


Then developer specific repos (if I leave you off – please just email me or comment in this thread)


Rob’s Repo (Rob is a JavaScript ninja)


Rob developed RML. Never again will I write out html tags from JavaScript.


RML.a({content:’click me’, href:’’});

Is just too easy!


Morty’s repo


Morty is the guy behind reui and the new mobile client. A lot of the stuff that ends up in a saleslogix repo starts in a developer’s private, or in this case, public repo first


JBoyce’s repo


Jason worked to develop a LINQ to SData proof of concept. Cool stuff.


Partner – CustomerFX’s repo


CustomerFX has developed a great git (not github necessarily) module for Application Architect. This is neat stuff.


My repo


I have nothing really neat out there. I post a lot of stuff my students – is a great way to share code. I posted some PO and SData examples that might be of use.



The point is – you need to know about git and github and should get used to using them. We are going to be talking about git,, SData, Argos-saleslogix (the new mobile client), and about 40 other things at Boot Camp! See you there!


by Bronze Super Contributor
on ‎09-23-2010 09:39 AM

Great list of stuff Jason.I've loved seeing so much coming from Sage in the open source arena. It's just awesome.


BTW, for anyone wanting to get into Git but not sure where to start, I've started a series of posts (with video) on Git for the SalesLogix developer that can be found here

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