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Feature highlight: Lesser known, but super handy features in Saleslogix 8.1

by Employee on ‎07-10-2014 03:38 PM

Okay, It’s my turn to put out a blog post for our Saleslogix blog, and when I started thinking about what I wanted to blog about I started thinking about all the blog reading and posting that I do. Lately there have been some really good blog posts around CRM, including a few by Swiftpage. We have so many great things to talk about with our 8.1 release being so successful, and the official release of our new Outlook integration add-in, Xbar, mixed in with some of the new cool features we have rolled out -  there are some that tend to get left in the background.


Now I tend to spend a portion of my time building those ever popular ‘Gap Analysis’ reports for customers that are moving to our latest and greatest release figuring out what customizations were built before a feature or function was actually in the product. One that I come across all the time is the ability to add multiple attendees to activities.


Figure 1-Multiple Participants


I know this seems trivial, but it is one of those features that gets used all of the time. I can select and add multiple people to my meetings, and I can give each of them a ‘Role’ to help me understand their participation in my meeting. I know who the decision makers are, I can try to cater to my detractors. When I see some of the customizations built prior to Saleslogix 8.1,  I really admire what our partners and consultants do to make our product their own.


How about the never talked about ability to ‘Schedule’ a report. In older releases of Saleslogix you had to run your reports and wait until that report was completed. Now you can schedule your reports to run real-time or at a scheduled time.  As an example, you might have a sales report that needs to be run and ready for a meeting every Friday morning. You can now schedule that report to run on Thursday night and have it executed and ready for your meetings Friday morning.


Figure 2- Schedule Reports


These are just two features that are new to Saleslogix 8.1 but are real background items. What I want to know from you is simple. What are the features new to version 8.1 that you are happy finally made it in to the product, and, what feature do you think we still need to add?


I am always interested in your opinion, and guess what - I really do want to know! Your opinion could help us choose the next big thing to be added to Your Saleslogix.

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