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Don’t You Know Who I Am? #Saleslogix

by Employee on ‎08-20-2013 08:25 AM

Do you visit the same coffee shop, dry cleaners, restaurant or another place regularly? If you do, and they don’t know who you are, do you care? If they do, does it make your experience better?


This is not some celebrity rant asserting star power, rather a short tale about how knowing the basic details can go a long way in exponentially making a difference in customer experience.


A guy walks into smoothie store twice a week, talks with the same cashier, and hands the cashier the same credit card. Yet each time he’s asked for his name and order.


On the flip side a guy walks into a dry cleaner’s shop on a weekly basis, talks with the same cashier, hands the cashier the same credit card, but in this case is greeted by his first name and is often met at his car to take his clothes.


Different results, but the premise is the same, what you know and, more importantly, take the time to know, makes a big difference. Whether you’re in retail, technology, a mom-and-pop shop, or other business; knowing your customers matters. Start small with a name or order preference, but take the opportunity to expand your relationship and do the little things to let customers know they matter. Tell us, small or large, what you’re doing to make difference in your customers daily lives.

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