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Don’t Fling That Phone

by on ‎01-23-2013 08:14 AM

Have you ever been tempted to just toss that phone?  Especially when you have low or no signal and you NEED to use it?  Or, you reach for it in the car and it drops just between the seat and the center console?  Or, my personal favorite, the dang thing just freezes and you need to power down and then power back on in order to get it to just WORK?


Well, my friends, I have an event for you!  Once a year, in Sanvolinna, Finland, there is an international Cell Phone Flinging event!  Yes, it’s true – you can compete with people from all around the world in a cell phone flinging contest and test your ability to hurl that device as far away from you as possible.  In 2012, the event was won by a gentleman named Ere Karjalainen who threw his phone 332 feet.  Read about it (and view an informative video) in this article published in the UK Telegraph:


As I mentioned before, there are many reasons for wanting to violently discard a phone.   I thought I may have heard one of the contestants scream, “I can’t do anything relevant on my phone!  It is just useless because I can’t work on my CRM system from my mobile!”  At least I THINK that’s what they said.  My Finnish isn’t up to par.


Take heed – with Sage SalesLogix Mobile – you can work with your important CRM data from your mobile device – no need to fling that phone!  With SalesLogix Mobile, your phone is an important and relevant companion to help you along in your work day.  Not only does it keep you on track with Events and Activities already planned, but you can schedule new meetings and tasks as your day evolves.  When you are visiting your important clients, all of the information you need about their account is at your fingertips - not just their Contact information, but Notes, History, Tickets, and Opportunity information as well.   In addition, SalesLogix Mobile interacts with the mapping functions on the phone, so if you forgot how to get from the airport to your client in Minneapolis, your phone can help you there too!


So, please don’t fling your phone (unless it is an old flip phone), instead use it with your SalesLogix and make it relevant!  However, if you do decide to take part in the competition, please let me know how you do.  I don’t think I could get more than 20 feet out of mine. 

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