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Does anyone even read survey responses?

by on ‎02-25-2010 10:52 AM

Does anyone even read survey responses?


It seems every time you do anything that involves some sort of Customer Service interaction, you get a survey invite. They even print them on receipts now when you go to the grocery store or through a drive thru restaurant. How many people take the time to respond? What difference does it really make?


Sage SalesLogix Support receives the results of surveys that relate to our ability to provide positive customer experiences. Our event driven surveys (sent when a case is resolved) provide extremely valuable feedback and we do read every one!


When we get a survey response, managers review the results and take action. Support Analysts receive commendations, kudos, training, coaching and more based on the survey scores and comments. We even post and share the results with other groups within Sage. It is common for someone to contact the individual who completed the survey to get more information that will help us improve!


If you ever hesitate and think “nothing ever happens with the feedback I send, why bother”, think again! We want to hear from you! Next time you receive a survey invite from Sage, send it in. We count on you to help improve our results and your future interactions our Support team.

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