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Do You Interact With Your Data?

by on ‎02-21-2013 10:16 AM

Well, do you?  I know it is a funny question.  When I think of ‘interacting,’ I think of spending time with my family and friends – doing something fun and having a great conversation. I get to learn more about them and enjoy time doing so.  Interaction with your family (especially teenagers) is the best way to learn what they are up to, if there is something to be concerned about, or if everything is going well!  Oh, wait, maybe I do want to get that type of information out of my data! 


Well, interacting with data can be both fun and educational.  After all, doesn’t sound like fun to “lasso” a graph to get more information?  With Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics, you can actually see and interact with your CRM data.  You can visually see how the sales pipeline is doing as well as sales stage – you can interact with the graphs (by lassoing and clicking) to get more detailed information.  You can break down the information geographically - by state, region, and city.  You can go deeper and see historical sales trends and gain a better understanding of seasonal differences in your sales cycle.  Wouldn’t it be great to anticipate and plan for a slow season?  In addition, you can see which sales person really excels and understand their process so it can be duplicated across the sales force.


This is just a fraction of what Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics can do with your data.  If you are curious about what else it can show you, visit:



on ‎04-20-2013 04:32 AM

Usually I don't on regular basis or even I can say that never. But after reading this article I got to know the importance of doing so.


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