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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions ...

by on ‎10-18-2011 09:24 AM

I don’t know about you, but whenever I am faced with a critical decision –personal or business – I need all the facts.  I like to take an objective look at the situation so that I can determine the best course of action.  For example, when I am challenged with buying a new car, I put together a spreadsheet with all sorts of information – price, trade-in value, projected payments, fuel mileage, dog/kid friendliness, and of course the all-important “zoom zoom” factor!  I also track the dealerships I have spoken with and rate their salespeople, service department, and my overall experience.    


The irony is that they are also inputting information about me and my visit into a CRM system.  What model did I ask about?  What is my budget?  Did I take a test drive?  What is the probability of getting me to buy a car from them and in what timeframe?  All of this is good information to evaluate me as a customer, the effectiveness of the sales person, and the quality of product they have on their lot. 


Presumably, the dealership is having their sales people enter this type of information about every customer who walks through the door.  With enough information, they can establish trends, develop accurate forecasts, understand their pipeline, and much more.   So, now, armed with this information, they can make their important business decisions and have confidence that their direction is based on sound data.


Of course, my fictional car dealership uses Sage SalesLogix with Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics to perform their analysis.  With this powerful tool, they can display their data visually, in multiple graphical outputs, so that they can actually see trends in their business.  They can also evaluate individual sales performance based on forecast, pipeline, and number of cars they sold.   Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics has multiple dashboards for Sales, Marketing, and Support so they can keep an eye on and analyze all aspects of their business.   


Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics is a powerful analytical solution that can be used to analyze CRM data within Sage SalesLogix.   You can look at your CRM data from almost any angle you can think of and then have it displayed graphically.  Make informed business decisions with confidence and clarity with Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics.   How about you?  What kind of decisions could Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics help your business with?

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