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Cool stuff for you on Partner Source

by Employee on ‎08-12-2010 10:11 PM

Back in April we launched an innovative program called Sage SalesLogix Partner Source.  Initially the program was designed so that the Sage SalesLogix R&D team could deliver add-ons to you earlier in order for us to get your feedback ahead of the beta or release.  Along the way we decided it would be an excellent way for Sage SalesLogix to create a developer community.  This community would support a forum for any Sage SalesLogix developer to share add-ons and code.  We all know that we have an excellent community of developers.  We all know that we like to build cool stuff and would like to share some of that cool stuff with others that want to share their cool stuff.  It’s a way for all of us to add value to the product today and to provide better support for our customers.


To promote greater idea sharing, the IdeaLogix Community was launched.  A Github site was launched to promote sharing of tools and source code.  Members have access to the new tool or add-ons.  They can modify the tools and add-ons.  It is encouraged that changes are posted back to the forum. 


We have had a number of new members join but we would like to see more members join.  If you would like to see what’s going on with the Partner Source site go to


We have been busy posting a number of tools and application add-ons to the site.  They have been posted to the community as technical previews (CTPs), or what we now call Sage SalesLogix Accelerators.  You will find a number of new tools and application add-ons for your use.  The most recent add-ons include:


  • Migration Tool update for 7.5.3
  • Social Media workspace called the Social Queue – you will want to check this out!
  • Social Media widget for Twitter dialoging
  • Q&A (Standard Problem / Standard Resolution) workspace
  • Entity Audit Tabs to provide logging, or “what’s changed” view for all entities (coming soon)
  • Entity Detail Tabs for all entities – some entities did not have a detail tab (coming soon)
  • C# and JavaScript API Classes to consume SData
  • Deployment Tools for auto deployment of the application (web portal)
  • Admin – Lead Qualifications
  • Admin – Resources
  • Admin – Secured Actions workspace

Please take some time to review all the great new add-ons and tools and if you have some cool stuff that you developed, we would love to see it on the site.

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