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Case Closed! (An explanation of your SalesLogix Support Case status)

by on ‎01-20-2010 07:34 AM

“Case Closed!” – When I hear those words I envision a big gavel being slammed down and a thick manila folder being closed, sealed, and placed into the “Closed Cases” filing cabinet, which is then shuffled off to be stored somewhere in a far away warehouse beneath that big crate from Raiders of the Lost Ark, never to be seen again.


However, that’s not the way it works in Sage SalesLogix Customer Support.  Almost any ‘closed’ case can be re-opened at any time, for any reason (explanation of almost to follow).  There are several different scenarios in which a case you have with the SalesLogix Customer Support group may be closed:


1.       Closed – Resolved; This is our favorite.  It means we fixed the problem or answered the question and a knowledgebase article is in place describing that resolution, and [hopefully] you won’t need any more help with it.  But if so call us and we’ll continue working it. 

2.       KB Pending; This means we supplied a resolution to the issue, but we still need to compose a knowledgebase article for future reference.  This is another one where we hope you don’t need to call about the issue again, but feel free if you do still need us.

3.       Closed – No Response (sometimes referred to as “CNR”); This status can generate some confusion, hopefully this will help clear things up.  There are three situations when we may place your case into this status:

a.       We’re awaiting a response from you, and have tried to contact you at least 3 times with no replies.  When/if you want to re-engage, we’ll re-open this case immediately.

b.      We (your Analyst AND you) know it’s going to be a while before you can get back to us with an update, so we don’t want to bug you for an update every couple of days.  Think of this as ‘You're not waiting on a response from Sage at this time.’  When you’re ready to re-engage, we’ll re-open this case and continue working the issue.

c.       The issue is no longer occurring (for whatever reason), and there’s not really any valuable, reusable knowledge that was gained in working on the issue.  In this scenario, we don’t really have any other status that properly describes the state of the issue, and CNR allows us to re-open the case if needed.


In any of the scenarios above, Sage SalesLogix Support can and will re-open your support case and continue to work on the issue if needed.  A 'Closed Case' does not mean we won’t work on the issue any more.

 There are two other ‘closed’ case types; Closed – Duplicate, and Closed – Cancelled.  Cases in these statuses cannot be re-opened (hence the almost reference above).  If you have an issue that you still need help with and the case has been cancelled for any reason, we’ll gladly create a new case and move forward.

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