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Can I share my PIN to allow my co-workers to call in to Tech Support?

by on ‎07-12-2010 09:38 AM

Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) belongs to you, not your company.  It identifies you to our Support Analysts as a “Designated Caller” for your organization.  It allows Sage to verify that we’re working with the right account, but most importantly, it means that you are “authorized” to obtain support from Sage on your SalesLogix implementation.


At Sage Support, the security and integrity of our customers’ databases is paramount.  As the manufacturer of the product, we have the ability to walk even a non-technical novice through processes and procedures that can create sweeping changes to the entire SalesLogix system.  Therefore it is imperative that we know the person we’re talking with has the authority to do the work that we may be assisting them with.  This authority is typically granted by the primary contact at your organization.  Should you need to be added to the “Designated Caller” list, please contact our Customer Services group at 1-800-944-5709, and press 0 # to discuss the option available to you and your organization.

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