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CTPs and Sage SalesLogix Partner Source

by Employee ‎04-06-2010 01:21 PM - edited ‎04-06-2010 05:33 PM

We’ve created a new Sage SalesLogix Developer Program called Sage SalesLogix Partner Source. We are inviting to you to join this exciting new and innovative program.  As a member of the Sage SalesLogix community you will have access to community tech previews (CTPs) and source code to enable all of us to deliver more to our customers.  We invite you to exchange feature bundles and code as well.


You can participate on two levels; as participant or as an MVP.   As a participant you can be one of the first to use the new features.   Engage in the future of Sage SalesLogix by posting feedback to the community.  Provide your feedback on how well the feature meets the intended user experience and if you were successful with your setup and testing.  You feedback will help us deliver better product with every release.  As an MVP you have access to source code not usually made available to the community.  MVPs, like participants, have access to source code through a community source code sharing site.  MVPs will also be granted access to MVP specific source code areas.  MVPs will be expected to contribute by submitting bug fixes to existing contributions, add to source base, help test, or help support the community by participating as CTP evangelists.


The CTPs will be posted on the IdeaLogix community.  We invite your early feedback and encourage you to leverage the CTPs as part of your custom solutions, proof of concept (POCs), and demos.  By participating in CTP testing, you’ll help accelerate the introduction of new features ahead of a normally scheduled product release.  Here are some of the CTP bundles we are excited to contribute to the Partner Source community.   More contributions by the Sage SalesLogix team to come.


  • Drag and Drop Files/Email (7.5.2 hot fix code base compatible) - March
  • Quick Form Differencing Tool (7.5.2 hot fix code base compatible)  - March
  • Literature Fulfillment Client (7.5.2 hot fix code base compatible) - April
  • Merge account & contact (7.5.2 hot fix code base compatible) - April
  • SData Client Libraries (7.5.2 hot fix code base compatible) - April
  • Browser Agnostic - SendSLX (7.5.2 hot fix code base compatible) – May
  • Browser Agnostic - Export to Excel (7.5.2 hot fix code base compatible) – May
  • Browser Agnostic - Mail Merge (7.5.2 hot fix code base compatible) – May


Summary of the Partner Source participation levels:


  • Participant
  • Access to feature documentation
  • Access to CTP bundles
  • Access to sample code
  • Provide direct product feedback on features before they are released
  • Participate in the Partner Source community
  • MVP
  • All of the participant level benefits
  • Deeper access to Sage SalesLogix source base
  • Contribute to the Sage SalesLogix source base

How to participate in the CTPs:

  1. Go to the IdeaLogix community forum located at
  2. Go to the link provided in the IdeaLogix CTP thread
  3. Or, go directly to the source sharing site located at  For a tutorial on Github visit  
  4. Read the Partner Source license and readme file
  5. Download, Install, and Test the bundle
  6. Provide feedback on the IdeaLogix community or on the github community site


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is a CTP?

  • CTPs are early feature releases known as community tech preview.  CTPs are shared early in order to provide Sage SalesLogix BPs and the customer community access to high-priority, new functionality in order to generate feedback and promote code sharing.


How are CTPs supported?

  • CTPs are supported by the Community.  Sage Support will consider CTPs as beta code until rolled into an official release


How are the CTPs made available?

  • CTPs will be made available as bundles.


 Are CTPs tested before releasing to the community?

  • Quality expectations should be considered at an alpha or beta level.  CTPs bundles are unit and smoke tested prior to release.  Use CTPs at your own risk.


How often will CTPs get updated?

  • CTP availability and updates are opportunistic based on Sage’s resource availability and desire for feedback.  Interim updates will be made available along the Sage SalesLogix’s normal roadmap.  Interim updates are likely to require manual intervention. 


How is feedback and defect tracking managed?

  • Tracking and reporting of defects and requests through the Github community site.


 How do we know when new CTPs are posted?

  • CTP availability and update announcements, discussion, voting, and support through the IdeaLogix community site.  Or, you can request to be notified through GitHub.


When does a CTP get rolled into the product?

  •  CTPs, if ready for inclusion into a release, will likely roll into the next upcoming release
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by Silver Contributor
on ‎04-08-2010 03:44 AM
This sounds great. Do we have to create our own Github account or will this be done by Sage? Also I have not found the ideal mentioned in the blog. Looking forward to seeing great new stuff.
by Employee
on ‎04-08-2010 12:08 PM

No, it is not required to become a member of Github.  If you would like to get notifications of changes, follow the social aspect of the community, or to check in/check out the code you will need to belong.


You can sign up at  


by Bronze Super Contributor
on ‎04-09-2010 01:04 AM
Can´t find a IdeaLogix CTP thread in  IdeaLogix ???
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