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CRM in a Downturn – How have you used your CRM?

by on ‎08-28-2009 03:13 PM

Is anyone else tired of hearing all of the economic bad news? Yes, we are facing incredibly difficult economic times, and many of our businesses are facing challenges more difficult than they have ever experienced. But it’s when the chips are down, that we as individuals and businesses become more innovative to drive our business forward. As a Sage SalesLogix customer, you have the unique advantage of a powerful CRM solution to help you survive through these challenging times. And with all of the scary stories we hear every day about declining revenues and businesses failing, we wanted to put a spot light on our customers that are using Sage SalesLogix to help them drive their business forward.


There are success stories out there, and we want to hear them!


Now let’s be clear, success is not always defined by increasing revenue. Of course those stories would be excellent and we would LOVE to hear them. But in this economic climate perhaps your company defines success as:


  • Increasing your staff’s productivity by automating processes using Sage SalesLogix
  • Reducing your operating costs so you didn’t have to reduce staff size
  • Retaining your current customer base by providing exceptional customer service
  • Maintaining/increasing revenue from your current customer base
  • Better aligning your business goals with your operational costs
  • Improving your customers’ experience with enhanced quality measures and more streamlined support functions


Or perhaps you are using Sage SalesLogix in a completely different way that has helped your business and your customers succeed. Share your stories with the community.


I know I am always inspired by the ideas of others within the business community. And who knows, the idea you share may inspire another community member, or perhaps someone else’s story will inspire you.


Bottom line, we could all use a glimmer of hope right about now. I know I am ready for some good news. So please take a moment of your time and share your stories. I look forward to hearing them.


To learn more about how CRM can help your business in a challenging economy, feel free to download the following whitepaper: “CRM: A Business Imperative for Companies during the Global Economic Downturn”. .


I would also encourage you to reach out to one another through the Sage SalesLogix Community and share tips with one another. Ask questions, respond and participate in the conversation. Some of the most useful tips can come from your professional peers who are using Sage SalesLogix every day the same way you are.


We appreciate you being a Sage SalesLogix customer. We look forward to hearing your stories.

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