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CRM Adoption or “How can I get my sales people to use it?”

by on ‎05-17-2013 08:58 AM

Now, THAT is the age-old question, isn’t it?  “I just bought this great CRM system, but my sales people are resisting it.  Now what?  How do I get them to put in all of the information I need to get great information out of it?” 


Well, I can speak from experience that it is really hard to get me to use a system that I don’t want to use.  If it is difficult to use, unfriendly, and there is nothing in it for me, I am not going to pay it much attention.  So, the trick is to make it easy for your sales reps to use and show them what they get out of it in return.  Luckily, SalesLogix is a flexible and customizable solution that allows our customers to do just that.


AgReliant Genetics LLC is an example of a company who, with the help of a partner, made SalesLogix the type of tool their sales people saw value in using.  How did they do that?  First, they listened to their reps – REALLY listened.  These guys spend a lot of time on the road selling seed to farmers.  This type of sale never happens in a high-rise business office around a conference table surrounded by men and women in sharp suits sipping Perrier.  In fact, think in a barn, next to a tractor, sitting on a bale of hay, wearing jeans and boots – sipping plain old water or maybe soda (or pop?).  This is definitely not “laptop territory.” 


AgReliant’s sales reps needed to be able to work on the road and in these fields.  They needed to be able to see, at a glance, the status of their customers – last visit, what they bought last year, farm size, and even down to the type of soil and fertilizer they use.  Since the reps spend a lot of time behind the wheel, they wanted to be able to interface with their machines via voice recognition.


A customized iPad solution for SalesLogix was the perfect answer!  They worked with their partner to develop a unique interface that allowed them to view a map that indicated where their customers are located as well as the last time they were visited.  More details included more pertinent information about the farmer, including purchase history, farm type, and soil type – everything they needed to make an effective and profitable sales call in the palms of their hands.  Oh, and it had voice recognition so they could use it on the road.


The result?  Close to 100% adoption within a year after rolling it out! 


AgReliant Genetics LLC won the Gartner and 1 to 1 Media CRM Excellence Award earlier this month at the Gartner conference.  Want to learn more?  Read the press release here or watch the video here.   

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