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Build your network of "friends" diligently when it comes to programming.

by on ‎12-29-2011 10:02 AM

I do a lot of customization work whether it be for training or for other projects. I know I am not the best programmer in the world and I have a limited area of knowledge when it comes to programming. I know how to do what I know how to do. Invitably, new topics come along all the time that cause me to learn something new.

Sometimes I need a little kick to get that new piece of information into my head. Recently I have experienced this with, Javascript life cycles (this and that), and probably a few other things that I cannot remember. The question is: how can we work to overcome these small hurdles that cause us to stagger in our otherwise smooth programming lives?

I suggest you build a network of friends. The SalesLogix community is riddled with people ready to help you out. I am not supposed to name names, but there are many blogs, forums, this community, and linkedin groups to join to form that programming relationship you need to make a new programming friend. 

I am lucky that I have worked with a few genius programmers in past positions and I work with several now (but do not tell them that it will go to their heads!). I keep in touch with those geniuses and every once an a while get to ask a tough (for me anyway) question of them. Most programmers that I know are very eager to help as long as they can see that you are putting in the work to gain the knowledge and experience too. These geniuses do not want to write code for you, but they are very willing to explain a concept or suggestion and alternative method. 

How can we all build this community of people that we can ask for help? First, training is always available to help via email or through our training courses. We can only go so far with training and cannot provide technical support, but we can help out a lot. Next you have this community. I know I could be answering a few more questions each week. I need to start doing so more. Get to know the people here and tell them thanks. Get out on linkedin and look for SalesLogix groups. Use Google. One of the best ways is to post tutorials. You guys figure out some really interesting stuff  - tell someone about it!

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