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Available Self-Service Offerings on the #Sage #SalesLogix Customer Portal

by Employee on ‎05-02-2012 12:40 PM

With SupportOnline no longer available, I would like to take the opportunity to revisit some of the Sage SalesLogix self-service offerings that are available within the Customer Portal (


1. Sage SalesLogix Knowledgebase

The Sage SalesLogix Knowledgebase provides access to over 5,000 articles that can assist you with troubleshooting and training with Sage SalesLogix and its integrated applications. When searching it is best to use concise phrasing and use of operators, such as AND, OR, NOT.

2. Product Documentation & Downloads

Product Documentation and Product Downloads can be accessed through two different methods. First, in the Download product updates section of the Resource page, you may use the Sage SalesLogix Product Documentation or the Product and Service Release Updates links to browse to the desired product information. Or, you may search within the Sage SalesLogix Knowledgebase for specific documentation and/or downloads. Hint: When searching enter a "v" before the desired version, for example if you are searching for a 7.5.4 update, enter v7.5.4 update or v7.5 update

3. Sage SalesLogix Community

While it is obvious that you are aware of the Sage SalesLogix Community if you are reading this post, but I believe there is still some value in stating that there are other forums within the Community that provide different support focuses, such as development. This is a wonderful place for you to share your experiences and provide feedback regarding products and services.

4. Sage University

Sage University is available for you to gain training on Sage SalesLogix. There are different levels of training, as well as different platforms in which this training is delivered. For more information, see the Sage SalesLogix at Sage University link on your Resource page or email

5. Web Case Submittal

For convenience you can always submit a web case to contact Sage SalesLogix Support. To submit a web case for technical support, click Cases on the menu bar, then in the Question Category drop down select Technical Product Question. This is a quick and efficient way to contact Support without initially using the phone system.

6. Service Request Submittal

For convenience you can always submit a Service Request to answer general non-support questions. To submit a Service Request, click Cases on the menu bar, then in the Question Category drop down select General Question. This is a quick and efficient way to contact Sage SalesLogix Customer Teams without initially using the phone system.

This was a brief overview of what self-service offerings we have available through the Customer Portal, and we do encourage you to investigate these offerings as a way to improve your customer experience with Sage SalesLogix.


Thank You,


Matthew Campbell
Knowledge Management Lead, Sage SalesLogix
Sage CRM Solutions

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