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Answers to your Webcast Questions - Using Sage SalesLogix Calendars, Activities, and Groups

by ‎02-11-2013 12:50 PM - edited ‎02-12-2013 09:24 AM

Below are the questions and answers from our webcast last Wednesday that highlighted our calendar, activities and group’s functionality within Sage SalesLogix v8.0.





Q: What is the most efficient way to export a list with addresses for a mailing?  My groups don't show the addresses.

A: You can modify the layout of the group by adding the address fields or you can consider a report to export mailing address in a specific label format.


Q: ­Are the features shown in the demonstration only for version 8.0? ­

A: Great question!  Some of the things were in previous versions, but have been enhanced in v8.0.  For example - the widgets on the dashboard – we have had them for a while, but they were enhanced for v8.0.  Here is a link that has a list of differences - "reasons to upgrade" ­



Mobile Client


Q: What is the address for the Mobile client? ­

A: Sage SalesLogix Mobile client is included at no additional charge for your Android™, iPhone®/iPad®, or Blackberry®.  Once it is deployed, the default URL is http://<servername>:<portnumber>/SLXMobile


Q: Should notes entered from a mobile device carry over to our Web/LAN client? ­

A: Yes. With the Mobile client, you can add/edit notes and activity items and the notes will be carried over. If you are experiencing problems, please contact our Support team so they can troubleshoot further.




Q: ­Can you create custom dashboards with SalesLogix Web client? ­

A: Yes, you can create at-a-glance dashboards to see what data is important to you.


Q: Is there a Welcome screen in the LAN client? ­
A: There is a Sales Dashboard that can be configured to be your initial page after login. The Sales Dashboard does have notification and calendar reminders as well as pipeline information. On the Web client, there is a "Welcome" Dashboard that offers users the flexibility to create new dashboards and edit the content on the fly.


Calendar and Activities:


Q: ­How does one control what Activities get sent to or appears on Outlook calendar (when Advanced Integration is turned on)?­ For example, I'd like to populate Outlook calendar with Scheduled Meetings but not Scheduled phone calls, etc.­

A: You can choose if you want to synchronize Calendar from/to Outlook as well as Tasks. Outlook does not distinguish between a phone call and a meeting activity type. They are all “appointments” so it is not an option at this point to limit specific activity type.


Q: Can you sync the Web calendar with your Outlook calendar?

A: Yes. You have a couple of options available to you. You can use Intellisync for calendar and contact synchronization. If you want to manage the integration at the server level, you can also configure Exchange Link. 


Timeline Visualization


Q: Is timeline visualization available in the LAN client?­

A: No. The timeline visualization is a Web only control.


Q: ­Will the Account timeline show multiple users?­

A: Yes. Out of the box, it is setup to show multiple activities, histories and opportunities regardless of the user. It shows any user interacting with an account. You can modify the summary details to include other fields in the visualization.


If you missed the webcast and would like to attend a replay, you can do so by clicking the link below:

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