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Answers to the questions asked during October's Sneak Peek of What's New in Sage SalesLogix v8 Q&A Session

by Employee on ‎11-15-2012 04:04 PM

Q&A Session for C198S7603 Sneak Peek of What's New in Sage SalesLogix v8

Date:  Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Launch questions


Q: ­Do you have already a release date for version 8.0?­


A: v8 is gated on a number of quality metrics. We have extended our beta and release candidate timelines to assure that v8 is rock solid.  We are in the final weeks of the validation process.  The product is looking great and working well. We are working with a number of customers to make sure we cover as many use case scenarios as possible.  We are addressing the feedback received during the RC phase.  Our next release candidate is RC4.  We expect RC4 to go gold in the next couple weeks. 


Windows Client questions:


Q: ­Can you view multiple Users’ calendars on the Windows (LAN) Client? 


A:  Yes, you can view multiple users’ calendars in the Windows Client.  Viewing multiple users’ calendars has been part of the existing Windows Client Calendar feature set.  New enhancements for the v8 Windows Client include:


  • Updated look and feel with a more modern User Interface and icons
  • New ribbon-ized toolbar
  • Unicode Support
  • Activities – Resources for Activities can have a location
  • Added Lead Mail-Merge templates
  • Thumbnails for each entity, and are unique to each entity type

Q: ­Currently using Windows (LAN) Client 7.5.4.  My question is, for my remote users, do I need to cut new remote databases? ­


A: It is not necessary to cut a new remote database for remote Users; however we recommend that you follow the upgrade process which will ask remote users to sync immediately after the upgrade. 


Performance questions:


Q: ­How does the performance of 8.0 compared to prior versions like 7.5.2?


A:  Much has been done since 7.5.2.  We are continually balancing delivering richer user experiences and making sure the system performs well with various environmental constraints – it’s always a challenge. v7.5.2 has been out for over 3 years.   Several improvements have been made to the product.  Web technology has also been greatly improved.  For example, the latest browsers are up to 3x faster than IE8.  Product areas with the greatest performance improvement include calendaring, activities, look-ups, and dashboards.   Web client performance over WAN or inter-continental WAN that have less than optimal connections have also been addressed. Changes in user workflow will also help optimize how work gets done.  Less clicks helps to improve performance too.


Calendar and activities questions:


Q: ­Will you be able to set an activity with multiple contacts at once?­


A: You can set an Activity with multiple Users, but not multiple contacts.   This capability is planned for release in 2013.


Q: ­Is there a way to carry over Groups from the Web client to the Web? ­


A: I believe this question was to carry over Groups from Web to Mobile, which is something we plan to implement for Mobile in 2013.


Q: What improvements have been made for Mail Merge in Sage SalesLogix v8.0?


A:  There have been multiple improvements to Mail Merge with Sage SalesLogix v8.0, including:


  • Added Lead templates – default lead template, which now acts the same as the Contact
  • Share templates with other users from within the web client
  • User customized folders for Mail Merge templates

Reporting questions:


Q: Is there a way to review customer logon activity?


A:  Sage SalesLogix captures time of last log-in.  This can be viewed from the Administrator.  If more information is required, the system can be customized to capture user login and logout activity.


Mobile and Tablet questions:


Q: ­When will there be an actual mobile "app" versus a link for the smartphones?­


A:  We have debated over this topic a number of times.  We feel that building a mobile experience on top of a rapidly changing mobile smart phone market, it is best to leverage a framework that supports the most popular devices while meeting our requirements to provide a rich mobile user experience.  Our current platform meets our goals today and continues to get richer with each release.  The Client is responsive and behaves as a native app.  While we do not have any current plans to develop a native app at this time, the product is architected in such a way so that it is quite possible for us to do so when needed.

by Gold Super Contributor
on ‎11-16-2012 03:42 AM

Great post Dave!

by Master Commentator
on ‎11-19-2012 03:14 PM

Good clarification points - thanks

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